Thursday, December 11, 2008

how to... kind of

Hey everyone, been working hard on multiple things but the one I am working on the most is a 17 page story for PKD Media (see the cover image I did below). So far, everything is coming out great and I'm currently working on page 12. One of the panels I did came out really cool and I wanted to share... so here it is.

First I did a very rough layout, usually in blue pen (and just because I have one) and simply play around with the positioning of the characters.

Next up is what I call a "loose ink". I usually don't have a lot of time to use pencil so I sketch in ink. Then I use my light table and did two versions of the panel, one the "skeleton", the other, an out line.

Then finally, I put everything together, varying the Opacity of the "skeleton" and adding a foreground image and then dropping in some "speed lines" in the back ground. And done. This panel came out almost exactly like I imagined so I just wanted to share.

More soon.


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