Monday, May 30, 2011

a little "making of" Union Jack


Catching up on several commissions, this being one from last year (with a few more to go). Union Jack.


Saturday, May 28, 2011

a little "making of" Saku

SAKU of Agents of C.O.L.T.

I did all the main designs of the members of the Agents of C.O.L.T. from PKD Media when I worked on Volume One. We are about to start working on Volume Two of the series and I want to take the opportunity to tweak some of the designs.

SAKU, the ninja of the group, was one of my favorites. I want to stylize him a lot more for Volume Two. This image has been rumbling around my head for a while.

More C.O.L.T.s characters coming soon.


a little "making of" Poison Ivy


This was me just screwing around.

I have a request for an IVY sketch and I just keep pushing it off. I may send this in it's place... maybe.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

a little "making of" Darth Talon


Ok, so since I got back from the Super Show I have been in a little bit of a slump, but it's mainly because I have been busy with a billion other things, but that's starting to level off and art is coming back.

I have had this idea for another Darth Talon since the Show and here it is. I loooove going all out on some of these sketches. This one is not for anyone specifically and I went kind of all out on it.

Might show up on eBay later, who knows.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

a little "making of" Jasmine


I was iffy on the background idea for this one but I think it worked out.


a little "making of" Tinkerbell


I drew Jason as a Yellow Lantern, his son as an Orange Lantern and now I did his daughters as Tinkerbell and Jasmine. This one is Tinkerbell.

I really liked how this one came out.

Green/Red Lantern Two-Face re-worked

Green/Red Lantern Two-Face.

re-working a few black and white pics

Last year at the 2010 Comic Geek Speak Super Show, I did 10 pieces for Jason and all were in Black and White. This year, he gave several back to me to color... and these are a few of them (I did Yellow Lantern Scarecrow and Red Lantern Darth Maul at the show).

Blue Lantern Nightwing

Sunday, May 15, 2011

"My Life on a Leash"

I've been toying around with doing a web-strip for a long, long time and this is nothing more than a "practice" strip.

I am working on layout, title design, text (actual typed text or hand written text), balloons (or lack therefore of them) and other such stuff like materials and style.

Seems everyday new ideas get presented to me for the strip and it may start coming together sooner than I think. Originally slated for next year, it might start happening a lot sooner... I'll keep you all posted.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Ink Spot 2011 Part One back cover

And, of course, the Back Cover.

The Ink Spot 2011 Part One

This is the cover to my new sketchbook, The Ink Spot 2011 Part One and includes all 120 sketches I did from 1/1/2011 to 4/30/2011 (well, around about those dates, he he).

Still not sure when it will be available or in what format (black and white or color) but I am working on that now.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2011 Comic Geek Speak Super Show Sketches

Here is the bulk of the sketches I did while at the CGS Super Show. There were a few that I forgot to take pictures of (Duh) but they are...

The Scorpion fom Dave Wachter's Guns of Shadow Valley
Allan Scott Green Lantern
a Maroon Lantern
Darth Talon
Black Lantern Venom
White Lantern Anti-Venom
Red Lantern Batman
Black Lantern Spider Jerusalem
Jeanette from Secret Six
Jim's wife as a Red Lantern
and Dex-Starr

if I count each one toward my Sketch-a-Day (and I am... it's my perogative), I am now caught up through April 30th... Yeah!

Now to work on the first (of three) sketchbooks for the year.


a little "making of" Star Sapphire Captain Kirk


Don't ask me cause I really don't know...

Captain Kirk as a Star Sapphire.

not sure what else to say here...

a little "making of" Golden Glider


This was a quick sketch for a kid going to the CGS Super Show. I used reference from several different versions of the character Golden Glider from the Flash series.


a little "making of" Corwin as a Red/Yellow Lantern


This was another request for the CGS Super Show where the requestor wanted himself drawn as a Red/Yellow Lantern hybrid.

I think it came back out pretty cool.


a little "making of" Harley Quinn


This was a request for the CGS Super Show LAST Year that I finished this year and then was not picked up.

Oh, well.

eBay, here is comes.