Saturday, September 27, 2008

My work area

I've wanted to post pics of my work area for a while now and Today I put up a few more pics that I picked up at the Super Show and this was a good time to do it. Check it out...

My Weekend Rule #1

On the weekends, I strip off the trappings of corporate America and relax. This includes my Weekend Rule #1... I do not care how my hair looks. The crazier and wilder it looks, the better. I love walking into Starbucks on Saturday or Sunday and know everyone one is looking at my mop and thinking... whatever. I really don't care.

There is one exception to the rule... If I'm going out with the wife, then all the Weekend Rules are null and void. Whatever it takes to make her happy.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Wow...been a while

Sure has. Been almost three weeks since I last posted on the blog. Lots has happened. I went to the CGS Super Show and had a blast. Picked up a few more projects and started a new one. I'm now currently working on 5 projects at once. More info on all of them later. I just got my new computer and can't wait to start using it (it's Vista and most of my programs don't work on it so I have to upgrade (almost) everything). Work is getting interesting and their may be a possibility I will be working from home part time... keep your fingers crossed for me. I'm working on my house (cleaning mostly) and have a lot of home projects I will be working on also. Anyway, I have a few pics I want to post from the show and will do so very shortly. Later