Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week 9 - Marrow of the X-Men

it's Marrow week over at Illustrious Bits and here's my sketch.

Well, I was the first one to post last week and the last this week... ughh.

She's a really crazy member of the X-Men who's mutant power is to pull bones out of her body and use them as weapons.  I guess for the big bone she pulled out her whole spine, he he he.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Glob World interview with ME!!

I recently finished an interview with a UK based webcasters that does interviews and reviews of comics called MOMBcast.  Check out the site here and read the interview here.  I got a chance to tell some stories (which I love telling) about comics, conventions, original art and even threw in a few about the kids.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

missed a few...

 These were two sketches done recently for Illustrious Bits Sketch Blog that I forgot to post here as well.

The first is an unfinished Killer Croc for "Any Batman Villain" week at IBSB.  I plan to finish it at some point in the future, still needing to add a background and some effects.

The second sketch is Catra from She-Ra for the "Any Character from She-Ra" Week at IBSB.  This one came out pretty quick and looks pretty good.  I like it.

I didn't know much about the She-Ra Universe and had to rely on good old fashion google searches and found Catra.  Her original costume was very basic and I found a couple of re-designs other artist had done and really like them and did my own interpretation of the character.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sad day...

Just heard the news about the Comic Geek Speak Super Show for 2012 getting cancelled.  What a crappy day.  I hope everything goes well for those guys and that all things work out in the end.  Guess the way this year is going so far... this will NOT be my year.  He he he.

Back to drawing...


Friday, January 6, 2012

week 6 - Death at illustrious Bits

Not sure what happened here but I am happy.

I was on a roll... Gambit, knocked it out.  Spider-Woman, done and done, Starfire... had her finished 2 weeks in advance... Death...


Not sure why this drawing took almost 3 full weeks to get done, maybe it was back to back holidays with a birthday thrown in for good measure... maybe.  But here she is.

Not exactly what I had originally planned but I think it came out cooool.