Monday, December 19, 2011

Week 5 - Starfire at Illustrious Bits

This weeks pick was by me for Starfire.

Originally I was blanking on an idea for this week and Jamie was torn between Spider-Woman and Starfire and I just went with it.

Starfire is a great character who I have drawn a few times before and none were that good so I jumped at the chance to re-draw her.

The effects did not come out like I originally planned but i think it came out well.  Also, usually I do the black and white then add gray wash later but this time I skipped the gray and just kept it b&w.

enjoy and I can't wait to see what everyone else does.


Monday, December 12, 2011

Week 4 - Spider-Woman for Illustrious Bits

HA! Fooled you.

I went with the Julia Carpenter version of Spider-Woman for week 4. Why might you as, especailly since the Jessica Drew version is soooo much more popular?

Easy... Black and White, baby.

I loooove the simplicity of the Black and White costume (plus I HATE my coloring latley and chose this version so I did not have to color it... keeping the trend going!).

Anyway, Great pick Jamie!

Spider-Woman © Marvel Comics

Week 3 - Gambit for Illustrious Bits

Leave it to Rich to recommend a "guy" for week 3 and ruin the party, he he he.

This is my Gambit sketch for week 3. This is actually the third sketch I did with the first 2 sucking.

Actually, this one might go up on eBay next week and who ever gets it will see my first attempt on the back, ughh.


Gambit © Marvel Comics