Monday, September 26, 2011

another Frekin' Sweer!!

Another colorist liked my sketch of Samanya from Drumfish Productions comic Neverminds and took a crack at coloring it... WOW!

Armand Strange goes by TheRealSurge on Deviant Art, check him out here.

He did a GREAT job on this one and I can't wait to share it with Rich and the Drumfish guys.

Thanks again Armand.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pre-Order a Commission for the New York Comic Con

Hey all,

If anyone is going tot he New York Comic Con from October 13-16 (a scant few three weeks away) and would like a sketch from little old me... just let me know...

I will be at Artist Alley table C6. Check out the show link at www.newyorkcomiccon.con to see a map of the floor... it's HUGE!!

I will be doing sketches at the show but if you know you will be there and want a sketch, send me a request here through my blog or to my email at At the show I will be charging $25 for a Black/White/Gray sketch on 9x12 bristol paper but if you pre-order, it's only $20 (plus, if I have color and feel like adding it, I will. At the show color will be very very limited, and that's just cause I suck at color).

Also, before everyone asks... I don't take money up front. I have my reasons. Just pay me at the show. If you make a request and DON'T pick it up, you can bid for it on eBay after the show where almost all sketched go for higher than my commission rate.

I will be taking requests now through Friday, October 7th. Any requests made AFTER Friday 10/7 can be done at the show but no guarantee they will be done BEFORE the show. If you send a late request, I will work on it but let me know when you will be there so I can make sure it is done by then.

Few rules... single characters preferred but if you NEED more on one page, it can be done but might cost a little more. Ask first.

No explicit sex or nudity (ok, nudity is OK but I reserve the right to veto any request that is just plain wrong... you know the type I'm talking about).

Creator owned characters are also OK but make sure you send/bring reference... I don't do too well with verbal descriptions... I'm a visual kind of guy, he he.

I also reserve the right to veto any "stupid" requests. What I mean by that is ... example

Guy... "can you draw me Captain America?"
Me... "sure."
Guy... "Sitting on a couch smoking a bong with the Red Skull."

That one I actually did but HATED it so I don't usually do them. You can ask, but I reserve the right to say... "NO".

Also, obsuce characters do frighten me... I like challenges but again... remember the references.

thanks again and I hope to see a lot of you at the show

Saturday, September 17, 2011

oh my Frekin' Sweer...

Rey Arzeno over at Drumfish Productions kind of liked my drawing of Henko... and colored it last night... WOWOWOW.

This is incredible! I've never seen a sketch I did colored this fantastic in such a short amount of time... I posted the pic last night and he had it colored this morning... WOWOW.

Check him out here and if you are going to the NY Comic Con, he's at table G3. Also, check out Rich and Jaime and all the Drumfish goodness at table T12.



Friday, September 16, 2011

a little "making of" Neko from Neverminds

HENKO from Neverminds

Another drawing for Rich of one of his characters from his comic Neverminds.... HENKO.

I don't really know a lot about the character but I really liked his look. Most of the pictures I've seen of him have him showing off an animal-based power but he always looks... cute. Well, maybe... handsome. I wanted to twist that a little bit.

I'm not sure if his powers changes his face but I liked the eyes and the cheeks and the mouth. Hope Rich and the boys like it too.

My original sketch had whiskers... and I thought that went toooo far in the wrong direction. ugh

hopefully there is a few more in me before the NEW YORK Comic Con next month...


Sunday, September 4, 2011

just an old idea reworked...

a while ago, I worked on a T-shirt idea that showcased three of the four main characters from Cornerstone. I then re-did it with all four characters.

Then just the other night, an idea came to me... so I broke the four images into four individual images, added text and then inverted it all (thinking it would look soo much better on an all black shirt).

I don't know, i think they came out cool. Maybe I'm almost there with this idea... maybe.


Friday, September 2, 2011

a little "making of" Jacob and Zoe

Jacob and Zoe as Yellow and Red Lanterns

Just catching up on a few commissions before I head feet first into my next project. This one is for Jacob of him and his cat Zoe as a Yellow Lantern and Red Lantern.

I'm running low on colors so I did not go overboard here but I like it none the less.