Sunday, September 21, 2014

Been gone awhile... but still working.

So after the New York Special Edition show in June, I have not posted too much here and I'm sorry for that.  The Show was fun, but a rather disappointment, and since I got back home I have been busy working on projects.

I'm heading off the the New York Comic Con in October but I will not have a table this year, i'm going as a fan and looking forward to hanging out, getting some original art work and seeing a bunch of old friends.  Next year I hope to secure a table, as well as have a new book to show off, so I will keep everyone posted.

As of right now, I am focusing on one project at a time withe the goal of actually FINISHING one of them by early next year.  My current project is HERO, the first chapter in an original graphic novel series created by me and my kids with illustrations by me and Ayla (if she ever has time!) and written by me and Michael. The first part of the story that introduces the main character is 14 pages and I am working on pages 11 and 12 now.  As soon as the art is done I will begin lettering the story.  I made a promise to my friend Todd in NY that I would have the first 14 pages COMPLETE by the time I saw him in NY, so that's the current goal.

More coming soon...