Thursday, October 20, 2011

check out GLOB WORLD

check out issue 0 (drawn by me) and issue 1 (I drew the back up story) of GLOB WORLD on, brought to you by the guys at Action Lab Comics.

Issue 0 is free and great, especially if you have children. Enjoy... more coming soon.


The trouble with Licensed properties...

So I got back from the New York Comic Con on Monday (after missing my early flight and ended up spending 4 extra hours in the airport) and I am jazzed about drawing... Only ONE little problem...

I have 2 projects both due about the same time and one is a Licensed property and even though I just penciled a page that made me really happy... I CAN'T SHOW IT TO ANYONE!!!

As soon as I get approval to post ANYTHING... I will and as soon as I can work on something OTher than these two projects... I will.

Starting in November... I am working on a NEW graphic novel for 2012. I still have not decided if it will be HERO or CORNERSTONE but a new book IS coming.

stay tuned... 2012 will ROCK.


a few more sketches done at the NYCC

Just a few more sketches from the New York Comic Con 2011.

Warlock from the New Mutants (had a ball with this one)
Star Sapphire Harley Quinn
an original character
Princess Leia and Darth Vader
Tigra (from a really GREAT Avengers sketchbook)
Bullseye killing Elektra (at first I though this one would be really hard but I liked how it turned out)

a few more coming soon...


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

a few sketches done at the NYCC

a few sketches done at the show...
Black Lantern Wolverine
Captain America throwing his shield
The New Batman and Robin (Damian)
another Black Lantern Wolverine
a friendly smiling Walrus
and Blue Lantern Red Robin, Orange Lantern Kid Flash and Red Lantern Superboy.

I've got a few more I will post a little later


NYCC Black Lantern Harley Quinn

I sold a regular Harley Quinn and then did a Star Sapphire Harley that also sold do I did a Black Lantern Harley Quinn next.

it did not sell so... eBay... eventually.

This one was fun and I'm thinking about doing a series of batman villains (maybe just the girls) as different lanterns... maybe...


NYCC Red Lantern Hulk

yet another sketch from the New York Comic Con... Red Lantern Hulk. I liked this one but no one else did, he he so, again it may end up on eBay sooner or later.


NYCC HellGirl

One of the few sketched I did while in NY at the New York Comic Con that did not sell and come home with me... HellGirl.

When I was packing for the show I found a really old drawing of HellGirl from 2004. My "style" was soooo different then that I just HAD to re-do it.

Since it did not sell, it may end up on eBay sooner or latter.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

a little "making of" Hello Kitty as Wonder Woman

Hello Kitty as Wonder Woman

yet another pre-order for the New York Comic Con.
Hello Kitty as Wonder Woman.

This one and Hello Kitty as Iceman were just too fun to wait on. I jumped up my sketch list to get these two done.


a little "making of" Hello Kitty as Iceman

Hello Kitty as Iceman

Another quick commission for the New York Comic Con.
Hello Kitty as Iceman.

This one kind of drew itself... and color was a given and made perfect sense.

This and the Hello Kitty Wonder Woman were a BLast!