Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tales From The Cornerstone... At Wowio

Hey everyone. I've started posting tales From The Cornerstone over at and will include the links on the right hand side, so check them out when you have time. I know, I know... I've read the reports on Wowio and to be honest, if I even make a dime off the site it was worth it, but then again, if I don't make a dime, I really haven't lost anything either. Kind of the advantage to having been the only creator on the book (not having to pay inkers, or letterist or colorists with the revenues from the book) and having 2 graphic novels already completed (I can post one chapter at a time and string it out over two months). By the way, the prologue through chapter five is up now and chapter six should go up early next week. I'm still hard at work on chapter ten but hit a slight set back with a head cold that lasted almost a week. I'm also working on another project with PKD Media and that's coming along (almost) on-time and then I start a another project with Ryan (more info on that one soon). Anyway, hope everyone had a great holiday and I WILL be posting more again soon. -Drew

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