Thursday, September 9, 2010

my Spider Jerusalem on Comics Alliance...

a very awesome art collector named Trish, who collects sketches of Spider Jerusalem of Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson's Vertigo series "Transmetropolitan", submitted some of her sketches to the web site Comics Alliance... and guess who's sketch got featured First?

He he he... me. Check it out... very cool (even though now that I look at the sketch again... ugh).

Saturday, September 4, 2010

... and a sketch card

Ah, what the heck...

I cropped the finished drawing and re-did it as a sketch card and colored it. This probably the ONLY way I will do a full color sketch simply cause I had to borrow my daughters color supply to do it and I hate to waste her nice pretty markers.


... and a little "making of" for Pyro

I actually did the final version of this request 3 times before I got it right, or at least till I was happy with it.

The first was all gray tone washes and it just didn't pop. The second was all gray tone markers and it was sooo muddy. I was happy with the third which I added more flat blacks and then a few washes.

Time and time again I tend to over work images and end up ruining them... some times it works... but that's often few and far between.

Keep it simple.

just catching up on some old things...

Pyro from the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. This is one of a few commission requests that I have let slip and I am trying hard to catch up on... more coming soon (I promise).