Saturday, April 28, 2012

April 27, 2012... Books-A-Million

Andrew Charipar

738 Marsh Landing Parkway
Jacksonville, FL 32250

To the Owner or Manager,

I am writing this letter to inform you of an EXCEPTIONAL employee you have at your store number 486 located at 738 March Landing Parkway in Jacksonville, FL.

I was in the store Friday April 27, 2012 with my daughter around 7pm.  After finding a few new books to purchase (I am a huge fan of your Discounted Comic Book Trades and purchase 3-5 each week) I went to the front of the store to check out (I am sorry but I did not get the young ladies name who was working the register but I assume with the date and time I provided, that information should be easy to find) and I over heard a pair of belligerent customers talking down to the cashier.  They were upset about another employee who, in their minds, did not give them adequate attention (after listening to these two idiots, I can see why it would be difficult for anyone to assist them).  After berating the cashier for something that she obviously did not do, they threatened to contact the corporate office.  Then the man (the other idiot must have been his wife) said that they worked in retail and know how to treat customers.  At this point it was obvious to me that they were full of crap.  The man then told the cashier that BAMM was Books A Millions stock ID… like he thought that that info would intimidate her… and then he threw his money for the books he was purchasing down on the counter instead of simply handing it to the cashier.  This from someone who claims to know how to treat customers… and knows NOTHING about treating employees.

At this point I was truly disgusted with the way this couple was acting.  The cashier was nice, friendly, cordial and apologetic and they were ignorant idiots.  If they do contact your corporate office with a complaint, let it be known that a customer was standing right behind them and was truly impressed with the way the cashier handled her self and disgusted with the way the customer was acting.  I think this couple should have been ashamed for how they acted in front of someone simply doing their job.

I am a long time customer of Book-A-Million and frequent several of your stores.  I have never had a bad experience with any of the employees and think very highly of everyone I have met.  If these two idiots waste your time by writing a complaint… well I felt it was necessary to write and commend.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Andrew Charipar

Copy of this letter also sent to:
Corporate Office
Books-A-Million, Inc.
402 Industrial Lane
Birmingham, Alabama 35211

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Craig Zablo said...

Well said. It's cool that you took time to do the right thing.