Monday, February 27, 2012

Feb 27, 2012... And the Winner is...

Damn right I am cheating today... here's the results from our family's Oscar Picks...

in this years Charipar family Oscar (guessing) Challenge.. The winner with 8 correct choices is.... AYLA!

This is Ayla's first time winning, her father Andrew Charipar took the top prize the last two years and Ayla is proudly following in his foot steps.

Second place (and proving that Christmas Tree-ing WORKS!!!) is Ray Mallari with 7 correct (Random guesses).
Tied for Third place is Tracey and Granpa with 4 correct choices and Drew bringing up the rear (go ahead and insert your joke her, Trace) with only 3 correct choices.

Ayla picked the Best Picture with the Artist
No one picked best Director Michael whateverhisnameis for the Artist
Ray picked the Best actor in a leading role with the guy no one has ever heard of from The Artist (anyone see a trend here?)
Ray and Granpa picked the Best actress in a leading role with Meryl Streep from the Iron Lady (and NOT the chick from the Help... boo hoo)
Tracey and Ayla both picked the Best actress in a supporting role with Octavia Spencer from the Help as well as they both picked Best Screenplay with Midnight in Paris

No one picked the Best actor in a supporting role, Christopher Plummer from the Beginners (poor Jonah Hill... ughhh) but then again, no one picked best Adapted Screenplay with the Descendants, Best Art Direction with Hugo, or Best Visual Effects for Hugo.  Transformers AND Harry Potter were shut out in all categories!!!

Ayla picked Best Animated Feature with Rango... yeah... Rango.  PO WAS ROBBED!!!

In and Utter example of how random picking works... Ray not only picked Achievement in Cinematography with Hugo, He also picked Documentary Short with Saving Face and Costume Design with the Artist (Granpa also picked that one) and... believe it or NOT, he got Animated Short Film by randomly picking number 2... The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lassmore.  I will NEVER joke at Ray's expense again... ok, that's a lie.  he he he (is anyone still READING this??? Guess we'll find out)

Anyway, other memorable notes was Granpa picking 2 out of three for Sound Editing, Visual Effects and Sound Mixing... he picked Hugo on 2 and Hugo won all three.
The Muppet song won for Ray, Tracey and Ayla and the only three Drew got correct were all random picks with File Editing for Dragon Tattoo, Foreign Language File with a Separation and Makeup with the Iron Lady... so in other words... i Suck.

not bad for a bunch of people who only saw maybe three out of the nine nominees for Best Picture this year.  For Next years Oscars... we should all strive to do better... AND SEE MORE MOVIES!

Congrats again to Ayla.

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