Sunday, February 26, 2012

Feb 26, 2012... Size matters

OK, not really anything new to post today but I wanted to discuss page size... and you all thought I was going to talk about something else, didn't you?

Anyway, you may have noticed on the two pages preview that the images were a little larger than a normal comic page... and that's because it will be.  A normal comic page has a "live" area of about 6x9 inches with the total page size of 6.625x10.25 inches.  My comic will be published at the larger 8.5x11 inch pages.

Why?  Cause I like it larger, that's why.

I've published some of my sketchbooks at 8.5x11 and I really, really like that size so the next volume of Cornerstone will be published at that larger size.  Much more coming soon...


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