Sunday, April 5, 2009

1939 Batman

Lee, the Batfan, contacted me recently to do about 20 different Batman and batman related characters... this was the first, Batman based on the 1939 Bob Kane original.

This one was a lot of fun (I actually did the drawing twice because I did not like the way the background came out on the first one but Batman looked cool). I used a white prisma color pencil to add the white highlights in the cape and cowl (thank you Avery) and it looks cool.

Next up... 1950's Dick Sprang Batman


Craig Zablo said...

That's a nice drawing to go with a cool idea. Can't wait to see the various versions!

malpractice said...

that's sick! i want one too lol.

The Batfan said...

awesome dude I want to see the one you claim you messed up LOL

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