Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More pictures from Orlando, NY and Pittsburgh

Sometimes at a con, I meet someone or talk to someone that I do a drawing for that just screams to me to take a picture not only of the sketch but of the person requesting the sketch... usually it's because it leads to a good story. First is Jenna who I met at Mega Con in Orlando. She was very cute and requested a Riddler sketch and hit it off with my friend Dave who was at the show with me. They were both flirting and I just thought it was funny that I brought these two together. Needless to say, Jenna came back the next day to pick up the sketch and Dave did not come back that day so I had to take a picture of her...
The next was at New York. I hate doing "stupid" drawings. And what I mean by that is the silly, character x drinking a beer or shooting a bird or whatever. I'll do them but I prefer to do just straight "character" drawings at cons. Now for a commission... that I do at home... that's a totally different story. I actually enjoy those and have one I'm working on right now... the Hulk vs Solomon Grundy playing Ping Pong. Anyway, this kid walks up and asks if I can draw Captain America. I said no problem... then he added... "sitting on a couch next to the Red Skull smoking a bong". At this point i said... well (shit) sure. Brian "Pants" Christman started picking on me any time someone would ask for a sketch. They would say... "Draw Catwoman" and he would add... "with a bong??". Ha, Ha freking Ha. Anyway the kids name was Austin and I had to get a picture of him and the sketch. By the way, the caption reads "Pass the $h!+, Bee Yoch".Finally, Pittsburgh. One night at the bar (a place that I feel like a fish out of water) I was hanging around the Comic Geek Speak guys (who were looking over the Karaoke song lists) and this lady asked me who I was. I said "Andrew" and she introduced herself as Melanie. She was a fan of the Geeks and was having a blast at the show. the next day, she come by my table and said "I didn't know you were THAT Andrew". At least I make an impression. Anyway, she asked for a sketch and said draw whatever I want so I did... Venus and Ricky 17 from Tales from the Cornerstone.

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