Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Gonna go a little backwards here...

And talk a bit about Pittsburgh first and then NY later (since it's still fresh in my mind). First off, a big thanks to Rich and Jamie for saving me a place to crash, a table to draw at and just being a blast to hang with the whole weekend. I'm looking forward to the next con and meet up. Jamie also did a Tinkerbell drawing for my daughter. She loved it.

Next up was Dave Dwonch and Katie Cook. Katie was set up at the geeks table and she did a great Tinkerbell for my daughter and added to my son's Ben 10 Jam piece with Wild Mutt. Check her stuff out at her website. Next up was Dave Dwonch, and he was a blast. I talked to him at the show about making comics and after the show, in the bar, about... well, let's just say, we had a bl
ast people watching. Check out his website at Big Monster productions.

Here's just some of the pics and the drawings they did...

Katie Cook and her husband and Dave Dwonch, the Ben 10 Jam Piece and Tinkerbell by Jamie Fay and Katie Cook

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