Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sorry for the delay...

Wow, this has been a busy year.  I just wrapped up work on Chapter 2 of HERO (44 pages done) and I'm getting ready to tackle Chapter 3.  Chapter 2 took longer than I expected simply because I also went back and re-did all 25 pages of Chapter 1 (adding gray tones and fixing 'little' issues I had with the first 25 pages).

I'm excited about Chapter 3 because Hero and Pudge have begun their journey and there is a LOT of stuff I want to share about our little world.  Chapter 4 is also something kind of special.  Mike and I call it the 'story within a story' and I look forward to working on that chapter as well.  For now, just a peak at the last page of Chapter 2...

More to come

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