Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cornerstone Short Story... Page 01

This is the first page of a Cornerstone Short Story that will appear in my next trade... which I have not decided yet if it will be an Anthology of Cornerstone stories or One Large story with a back up or two... just don't know till it's done... ughhhh.

This page is not 100% done since I still need to "clean it up" a little but my kids are out and about for the day and they have my mini USB cable that I need for my tablet... waaa waaa, I know...

Anyway, this story was inspired by an audio book Avery and I listened to twice on the way up and back down from New York.   A book by Clive Barker called MISTER B. GONE about a demon trapped in a book who narrates his story to you through the book.

Now you might ask yourself what that has to do with a  ventriloquist dummy in a comic book... you'll just have to wait and see...

more coming soon.


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