Monday, September 24, 2012

Sketch 090 of 100... VAMPIRE GIRL

Sketch 090 of 100... Vampire Girl!

This is another something old, something new sketch.  I recently printed my 2011 sketchbook as a hardcover and I was sooooo impressed with the outcome that I am re-working all 4 of my sketchbooks (2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011) into hardcovers.

A hardcover collection of my art and my friends art is a goal of mine... and then I remembered one more sketch book... the 2007 one.

The 2007 sketchbook has only been printed once for a special occasion and never sold.  It originally had only the sketches I did for the Comic Geek Speak episode 300 show, which was only 66 sketches so it was never a very big sketchbook...

Then I found 2 old hand folded and stapled sketchbooks, also from 2007 and I have incorporated them into the one I already have... and now its 130 pages.

And it needed a new cover... and Vampire Girl was it... only problem was I no longer had the original sketch and the only scan I had of it was crap... so, I re-drew it.  I added a little more affects than what I did back in 2007 but the sketch is pretty much still the same.  So, something old, something new.

More on the sketchbooks soon.

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