Monday, August 13, 2012

The Greatest Hand (so far…) of the Charipar Family Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Night

The Greatest Hand (so far…) of the Charipar Family Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Night

We were close to the end of the night with only my sister Tracey and myself left in the game.  Everyone else, Nana, Granpa, Ayla and Ray had all bowed out and left the brother/sister duel to the death to continue.  Tracey currently held the title of Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Champion with 5 wins to my 4 wins.

I was the dealer and Tracey was shuffling back and forth between the two decks of cards we used.  We had long since moved up to 8 chips (our maximum buy-in amount) and she and I were jockeying back and forth, checking and folding.

I hit her hard with a 2 stack raise when I had a full house in my hand on the flop and she folded right away.  I should have strung her along but if she didn’t have anything in her hand she was NOT going to play.  She’s too good of a player to fall for that.

After another several hands, we were both in it for one more…

The river showed two Queens and a Jack.  This was probably the BEST three cards on the table all night.  Tracey began to bitch about the horrible cards hitting the table all night and I just stayed quiet.  This is my WORSE tell, when I’m holding something good, I tend to play straight… no joking, no bitching, just cool and calm.

My sister does the opposite.  She bitches or complains and makes it seem like this is the worst hand she has held all night.

Tracey checked and so did I.

The Turn gave us a King and Tracey bet a single stack and I said “sure” and we both added a stack.

The River gave us a Ten.  There was now 2 Queens, a King and Ten on the board.  Tracey said “What the heck, all in”.

I said “fine”.

Tracey then threw down pocket Tens.

A Full House with Queens and Tens.

Then I threw down pocket Jacks.

A Full House with Queens and Jacks.

The celebration was epic.  Tracey was sad to lose but what a hand to lose to.

I am now tied with my sister for Charipar Family Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Champion.

Next week, I get rid of the “tied” in the title.

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