Friday, August 24, 2012

Open for Commissions for the NEW YORK COMIC CON '12

Hello all,

Someone reminded me that there is just a little over a month to the New York Comic Con '12 and I had yet to open a sketch commission list... so here we go.

Any one going to the show, who wants a commission from me can place the request here.  If you are NOT going to the show, I will still take your request but, as you will fully understand, those going to the show get priority and your sketch IS NOT guaranteed before the New York Comic Con in October.  It will be done but I can not tell you exactly when it will be done.  Sorry if this is confusing but people going to the show have to come first.

My normal rate at the show will be $25 but for pre-orders, it's only $20.00. This is for a single character but if you want more than one character, the price might be a little more, just ask.

If you would like more than one sketch, feel free to ask, plus you might get a multi-sketch discount.
I also have Illustration Board Sketch Cards that I will be doing at the show for $10 but a pre-ordered sketch card will only be $5 (and with these, I am more willing to add color... so just ask).

I also have 9x6, smaller sketches that i will do at the show for $10-$15 but pre-ordered sketches will be $10.  These are limited to single character head/bust shots (they make nice little gifts for someone that is NOT at the show... he he).

I can also do full 11x17 but those start at $40 and depend on subject, so again... just ask.

I reserve the right to decline a sketch request and ask for no nudity or explicit sex (ok, maybe nudity is ok but i still reserve the right to say "no"). I hate what I call "stupid sketches", but that doesn't always stop me from doing them. Stuff like "Captain America sitting on a couch sharing a bong with the Red Skull". I hate those kinds... but I still did it (uggghh).

Also, and this one comes up a lot... Please pay AT the show. I hate to take money upfront for anything (I got burned one time on a commission request and it soured me for so long that I NEVER want to do that to anyone else...ever... ) so just pay at the show when you pick up the sketches.

Any questions, just let me know

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