Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sketch 006 of 100... ROBIN (Stephanie Brown)

Illustrious Bits week 31... Any of Batman's Robins

Stephanie Brown... ROBIN.

One of my all time favorite Robins... not my favorite Batgirl but favorite Robin.



guardian304 said...

Drew, I just wanted to let you know how much I admire your work! I thoroughly enjoy your blog and your art never ceases to make me smile. I, unfortunately, have never been able to make it to New York Comic Con to meet you in person but I recently found a Batwoman piece on eBay that you did and purchased it. It is now one of the crown jewels of my art collection! Batwoman is my all-time favorite hero so that just makes it even better :) I was wondering if for your "100 Days of Sketches" you might do one of her? It would really make my day! I hope in the future I might be able to meet you at one of the conventions!
All the Best,
Liz K.

Andrew Charipar said...

oooh... Batwoman... adding to the list, thanks Liz.

guardian304 said...