Saturday, June 23, 2012

NY Comic Con... 100 Sketches in 101 Days

ok, so the NY Comic Con is in 109 days and counting and in preparation, I am starting a new sketching initiative.

100 Sketches in 101 Days.

That's right... I will be sketching 100 sketches in 101 days, beginning tomorrow.  My family and I will be going to see Brave in theater tomorrow and I was planning on starting with a sketch of Merida for the initiative.

Last year at the show, I sold a lot of pre-drawn sketches and this year I plan to have more... Make my art work harder for me, not me work hard for my art.

I will start off by working on commissions that I have been very, very lax on getting done, some as old as 2009, yikes!  They will come first but once they are done I will open it up to suggestions or commissions but everything will be at my whim.  If you see something you like... let me know and if you are going to the con I can put the sketch aside for you.

Prices will vary from as little as $5 to $30 depending on subject, materials and size.  Some sketches will be small and quick and be excellently priced at only $5 and will be first come, first served.

I expect to have somewhere in the range of 80 to 85 sketches at the show, so stop by my table... as soon as I have the location I will let you all know... and say "hi".


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