Thursday, April 5, 2012

April 5, 2012... Thor

This was this weeks submission to the Illustrious Bits Sketch Blog.... Thor, God of Thunder.

I, of course, went in a little different direction.  Did somewhat of an original version instead of the tried and true Marvel Comics version.

I think I have decided that Illustrious Bits gives me the opportunity to try different things while at the same time trying something classic.  I was working on a new and different version of Huntress and Powergirl last week but ran out of time (it might still come one of these days) and thought, what a great chance to try something different... keep posted, more coming.


PS after I posted the full grey scale version on Illustrious Bits... I did not really like it... I have to work on the colors of my sketches cause the white doe NOT look white in my scans and the more I screw with it, the worse it looks, at least on-line.  So, for this one, I posted it here in just black and white.  Still did not get the full affect of the sketch but, oh well.

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