Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pre-Order a Commission for the New York Comic Con

Hey all,

If anyone is going tot he New York Comic Con from October 13-16 (a scant few three weeks away) and would like a sketch from little old me... just let me know...

I will be at Artist Alley table C6. Check out the show link at www.newyorkcomiccon.con to see a map of the floor... it's HUGE!!

I will be doing sketches at the show but if you know you will be there and want a sketch, send me a request here through my blog or to my email at At the show I will be charging $25 for a Black/White/Gray sketch on 9x12 bristol paper but if you pre-order, it's only $20 (plus, if I have color and feel like adding it, I will. At the show color will be very very limited, and that's just cause I suck at color).

Also, before everyone asks... I don't take money up front. I have my reasons. Just pay me at the show. If you make a request and DON'T pick it up, you can bid for it on eBay after the show where almost all sketched go for higher than my commission rate.

I will be taking requests now through Friday, October 7th. Any requests made AFTER Friday 10/7 can be done at the show but no guarantee they will be done BEFORE the show. If you send a late request, I will work on it but let me know when you will be there so I can make sure it is done by then.

Few rules... single characters preferred but if you NEED more on one page, it can be done but might cost a little more. Ask first.

No explicit sex or nudity (ok, nudity is OK but I reserve the right to veto any request that is just plain wrong... you know the type I'm talking about).

Creator owned characters are also OK but make sure you send/bring reference... I don't do too well with verbal descriptions... I'm a visual kind of guy, he he.

I also reserve the right to veto any "stupid" requests. What I mean by that is ... example

Guy... "can you draw me Captain America?"
Me... "sure."
Guy... "Sitting on a couch smoking a bong with the Red Skull."

That one I actually did but HATED it so I don't usually do them. You can ask, but I reserve the right to say... "NO".

Also, obsuce characters do frighten me... I like challenges but again... remember the references.

thanks again and I hope to see a lot of you at the show

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