Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2011 Comic Geek Speak Super Show Sketches

Here is the bulk of the sketches I did while at the CGS Super Show. There were a few that I forgot to take pictures of (Duh) but they are...

The Scorpion fom Dave Wachter's Guns of Shadow Valley
Allan Scott Green Lantern
a Maroon Lantern
Darth Talon
Black Lantern Venom
White Lantern Anti-Venom
Red Lantern Batman
Black Lantern Spider Jerusalem
Jeanette from Secret Six
Jim's wife as a Red Lantern
and Dex-Starr

if I count each one toward my Sketch-a-Day (and I am... it's my perogative), I am now caught up through April 30th... Yeah!

Now to work on the first (of three) sketchbooks for the year.


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