Thursday, February 17, 2011


OK, this is one of my commissions for the CGS Super Show that I took a few liberties with... OK, a LOT of liberties.

When I first got the request, i did not want to simply draw Batman in a Yellow Lantern Costume... what is the fun in that? So I decided, the Yellow Lanterns represent FEAR. What is the scariest interpretation of the Batman... simple... Kelly Jones's Batman (See Red Rain, etc). So I used that as my starting point, most specifically the looooong pointy ears.

Then I added the yellow bat symbol (which you got to have) and then made the rest of the costume black.

Then I did the teeth... to make it even scarier.

Then I F-ed up the eyes. I accidentally colored them in and whatever i did, either white out, acrylic paint or prisma color pencils, nothing worked... so I blacked them out entirely and it made it even scarier.

So there you go... Yellow Lantern Batman... ala, ME.

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