Thursday, January 13, 2011


Last year, for the Comic Geek Speak Super Show, one of the requests I got was for a large, group image of some of the Family Guy characters as different color lantern character... in full color.

I was very, very bad and did not get the image done and I still feel bad about it so I have added it to my list of accomplishments for this year, prior to the Super Show 2011. In order to "prepare" for the group image, I plan to do each character individually first and then put them on eBay to see the reaction... This is the first, Red Lantern Lois.

Anyone familiar with the show will recognize the costume, that I took a few liberties with. This should go up on eBay this weekend.


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Steeven Orr said...

That's awesome.

I'm loving the other sketches you've done so far this year, but Red Lantern Lois might be my favorite, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with some of the other characters.