Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thalestris of Thessaly, Queen of the Amazons

A friend of mine, from Comic Geek Speak forums and the Waiting for the Trade Podcast, Dave Williams, was putting together a new comic with artist Paul McCall called League of Analogues and asked if I could do a pin-up for the first issue... love to... and here she is... Thalestris of Thessaly, Queen of the Amazons.

Check out more about the comic on the forums here.

And here's a little intro to the idea behind the comic...

"League of Analogues - "The only thing more dangerous than crossing dimensions is crossing them"

Analogues...comic fans know them well, a heroic parallel pulsating with possible parody. An opportunity for writers to cast well-known character-types into moral and ethical dilemmas, to push the boundaries of storytelling to their limit!

But what happens when these fictional characters become aware that someone's forcing them to endure these hardships and that their torment is entertainment for an inter-dimensional audience?

For over five centuries Thalestris of Thessaly, Queen of the Amazons, has been locked in a struggle with King Minos of Crete. During their final confrontation the forces unleashed split the barriers between the worlds of literature and reality and begin an adventure across dimensions the likes of which has never been seen before!

Brought to you by the keyboard of Dave Williams and the pencil, pen and PC of Paul McCall."

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