Wednesday, February 10, 2010

PKD Media... signed and numbered print

This is the final for the print... the original, which will be raffled off at the Super Show, is 14x17 and looks pretty cool.

The prints will be 11x13.5, printed in BW on cardstock paper and sold ONLY at the Comic Geek Speak Super Show '10.

We are not sure how many there will be (atleast 25 and maybe as many as 50) nor do we know for how much (I'd like to keep it cheap, like $1 each, so that everyone can participate) but I am working on a plan for the show and I share as soon as Shawn and I work out the details.


PS... we are also talking about doing a limited edition print (or two) for the Heroes Con in June... what do you think of... "Girls of PKD Media" or "Bring on the Bad Guys"... prints featuring the girls and a print focusing on the Bad guys... just an idea. Plus, with both of those print ideas... the originals will also be raffled off... I don't keep ANYTHING... he he, just kidding

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