Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Hey everyone, just wanted to update anyone who cared on a few CONFIRMED appearances for 2010...

First up is the Mega Convention in Orlando FL, March 12-14. Once again, I will be sharing a table with the indisputable greatest guy I know.... Wayne Cordova (co-creator and writer of M.I.M.E.S.) last year, we had a ball and this year should be even Better! Hope to see a lot of people there. We will be at table GREEN-3.

Then at the end of March, the Comic Geek Speak Super Show 2010 in Reading, PA, March 27-28 . I will be sharing tables with Shawn Pryor and Chad Cicconi and other guys from PKD Media. In 2008, we had a blast and this year should be no different... only better. I've sponsored a table for my good friend Harold Jennett (co-creator and artist extraordinaire of M.I.M.E.S.) who will also be there. Check out some of the other great artists at the 100% Super Show Approved site (thanks to the incomparable Dave Dwonch (of SpaceTimeCondo fame... who also gives good man hugs (don't ask how I know this... it's just sad)). I am currently taking commission requests on the CGS forums for this show... if you are interested, check it out here. Come down (or UP, or across... whatever... and see us all at the show).

Last, but hopefully not the VERY last... Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC June 4-6. I will be sharing a booth with Shawn, Chad and PKD Media. We have not been updated on their site yet but I have confirmed that they took our money... he he. That's half of it. i will be taking requests for this show on the CGS forums sometime after the Super Show, probably the first of April. I will keep everyone posted here.

Anyway... I am looking into Pittsburgh, Philly and Baltimore but have nothing confirmed there... yet. Also, I will definitely be in NY for the New York Comic Con but I won't know if i can get a table yet... some time in April I will know for sure.

Thanks again and I hope to see as many people at these shows as I can


malpractice said...

i'm going to try and make it out to heroes con this year, and definetly doing supershow and nycc.

i think i am going to try and get a table in podcast alley for nycc, so if you can always set up there if you want if you don't end up finding a table.

ashbarron said...

Hope to see you at NYCC

Andrew Charipar said...

oooh, oooh, Joey... thanks for the backup plan... i appreciate that cause who knows if a table will happen, but I know I will be there... thanks, man.

Ash, I am sooo looking forward to it, thanks again

Craig Zablo said...

Hope to make Heroes and Mega... maybe even Florida Super Con!