Friday, September 18, 2009

The Ink Spot 2009... Now Available

Hey everyone, my Ink Spot 2009 Sketchbook is now available at This is the 6.625x10.25 comic size version of the book that I will be bringing to Cons next year (except for the CGS Super Show 2010, at that show I will have a limited edition 8.5x11 version ONLY available at that show) and can be ordered now for only $15.00.

If you are going to any of the Cons I am going to next year, you can pick it up from me there and save on shipping but if you are not going to Orlando, Pittsburgh or NY... get it now from I will post a complete list as soon as possible (all cons are "tentative" till other wise noted, you never know, life happens).

Last years sketchbook, also available from, was 110 pages, this sketchbook is 154 pages and has over 140 images from cons and commissions as well as a few creator owned stuff.

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