Saturday, August 8, 2009

I've got a desire... to write.

I'm not really sure what came over me this morning but while I was running around, doing my normal Weekend morning routine (stopping at Hardee's, picking up Krispy Kreme for the family, etc) I was over come with an urge, a desire... to write. So much so that I was hurrying home just to sit down at the computer...

Of course, that did not happen just like that... I first had to get a few "weekend" choirs out of the way and headed straight for the backyard and powerd up the lawn mower. Now that is all done and both the front and backyards are mowed (edging tomorrow)... here I am.

Does anyone actually keep New Years Resolutions? I don't. I hate making them because I know I can't keep them. But this year I did. I made a Resolution to write EveryDay. Guess how long THAT lasted?


Yup, two days and then Nothing since then. I can blame writers block but I won't. I can't say I got burned out (come on, it was only 2 Days!!) but I won't. I know exactly what it was...

The first day, I wrote chapter one of a story that had been in my head for a very, very long time. I shared it with my family and they all enjoyed it (or faked it really well). The next day, I began to write chapter two... and it sucked.

I had lost the desire to continue. It took me almost three weeks to realise that was the problem and only after re-reading chapters one and chapters two. I put away the story and have only fleeting thoughts of it.

But... It never left me and today I will re-read chapter one and start fresh with chapter two. I have a plan. I have a story. I have a begining. I have a middle and I have and end. And NOW is the time to write.

Wish me luck.


PS I also wanted to draw everyday too but that never happens either... but I'm working on that too.

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