Wednesday, July 15, 2009

M.I.M.E.S.... my special guest artist stint...

First off, let me say I LOVE M.I.M.E.S., the all-ages comic series created by my friends Wayne Cordova and Harold Jennett. I recently received an email from Wayne asking if I was interested in a "guest artist" stink on the second issue of M.I.M.E.S. while Harold is out of the country.

My answer. "Heck Yeah!"

I'll only be doing the art on a few pages (just black and white, Harold will still be coloring it) and I am soo jazzed to get started on it.

This is Flex. The main villain of the story, my interpretation at least, he he he.

Can't wait to get drawing. More coming soon...

Check out M.I.M.E.S. at

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