Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Comic Geek Speak Super Show '08 Sketchbook... now available

Wow... it's only been what, like two months since the Comic geek Speak Super Show and I'm only NOW getting around to making my sketchbook available?? what's up with that??

Just have to credit the fact that I've been very, very busy lately. Well, here it is... My Comic Geek Speak Super Show '08 Edition of my Ink Spot Sketchbook 2008. Available now at for only 15.00 for the printed version or .99 for a downloadable version.

This 124 page sketchbook includes over 100 sketches and illustrations done for the Super Show and other cons and commissions. Also includes a "creator owned" section featuring characters from "Tales From The Cornerstone" and "Maids of Metal".

Check out the link (and yes, I know I misspelled "edition" on this cover image... but trust me, I corrected it on the printed version).


Scurvy_Platypus said...

Sounds nifty. Perhaps an odd question...

What resolution is the art in the downloadable version? I've started to work on learning to render using Brian Miller's "Hi-Fi Color for Comics" book, and I'm always searching for things to practice on.

It was actually your kind donation for the coloring challenge that brought me here in the first place.

So I'm hoping that the download version will be at a high enough resolution for us aspiring colorists to stretch ourselves a bit.

If so, you've got at least one confirmed sale from me.

Andrew Charipar said...

Sorry I did not respond sooner, didn't even realize there was a comment, but the pdf's that are downloaded to Lulu are all 300dpi. Should be more than enough for someone to practice coloring on.. have at it.