Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My books have arrived...

For the Comic Geek Speak Super Show '08 happening in Reading, PA on September 6the and 7th, I ordered 20 copies of my new sketchbook, The Ink Spot 2008 the CGS Super Show '08 Edition as well as copies of Tales From The Cornerstone Volumes One and Volume Two. I have very limited copies of Cornerstone (just because I could not afford to order more) but will make both, as well as the sketchbook, available on Lulu.com after the show.

I did a special version of the sketchbook that will ONLY be available at the show. The first page of the sketchbook is a Signature page with the complete image from the cover of my "Fairy" and a place for my signature and a number (only 20 total).

When I make the sketchbook available on Lulu.com, it will not have this first page and won't be signed and numbered. This is so anyone who buys it at the Show will have something special. Can't wait for the Show...


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