Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sketch Jam TIME!!!

This weekend was a BLAST! Two of my best friends from High School got together and just hung out... and we did a little drawing. The first if Edgar Allan Poo by Avery Butterworth. Avery recently completed the 90+ page sequel to the Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allan Poo from Image comics, due out on 8/20/08. Check it out very soon. The second was a new addition to my daughter's Tinkerbell collection by my New York brother... Todd Wahnish. It will be a the pride of her collection, once she gets back from Daytona. Todd is currently working on new submissions for Marvel and we should see work from him there soon. Also, he has a "special" secret project that will be revealed right here.

And then, my sketch. I was doing my own version of a "Fairy". I spent a little more time on mine since I finished it up well after everyone else went home. Kind of... "inpiring".

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