Saturday, June 14, 2008

I hate shopping at Walmart...

Let me put that another way... I hate the PEOPLE who shop at Walmart. I just got back from my local SUPER Walmart and this is a "venting" post. I first have to say, this was all my fault. I broke my Cardinal rule number one... NEVER switch checkout lines. Ever. And I did it.

Saturday nights (around 8pm) are the absolute worst time to go to Walmart but I did it anyway. The place is packed with the dregs of the universe, literally. The check out lines, the few that are actually open, are longer than crap and full of idiots. I ended up 6th in line at the "speedy" check out line but I was eying the people in the self checkout... there was 4 of them and no one had more than say 5 items...the last one looked liek she only had one item... so I switched lanes.

Another thing... if the person ahead of you in the self checkout line looks like an idiot... get out of line. Don't stay because they will be unable understand the basic terms... like the "skip bagging" button.

Ok, back to the story. After the first three customers in line finished there was a moment of happiness that overcame me... one more person in line and she only had one item. I looked over at the line I had left and the guy who was ahead of me was next in line so I figured we would be done about the same time... then it happened. The woman in front of me signaled to someone else in another line and she came over... with a buggy FULL of crap!! It was your basic "bait and switch" in the check out line. The woman standing next to me, who was in the "speedy" checkout line that I had left only 15 minutes earlier, was as shocked as I was.

Add on top of that, neither of these two brain surgeons could figure out the check out machine. Anther 15 minutes later (5 minutes to shop and over a half an hour to check out) and I was finally at the register. The woman who was standing next to me, who had about 5 or 6 cutomers ahead of her, had already left the store. I waited DOUBLE the time I would have had to if I had just stayed in the original line.

I HATE Walmart shoppers.

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